Light filtered by color. Rhythm and transparency, keep the place in any space, regardless of style, classic or modern and can be used in interior and exterior decorations, insulating windows, simple windows, door windows and furniture accessories in general. Between art and technology Moldoglass fuses the two qualities, offering customized solutions for each project.


Faceted crystals can be used to decorate windows, doors, furniture, or to decorate mirrors, giving objects a special shine and refined elegance.

The catalog of models can be found here!


Through CadRam technology, the designs of the decorative glass are formed by a contour that simulates the plumb line by a numerically controlled machine, and the color is applied manually. The outline can be in various shades like: black, clear, gold or silver. The applied colors are shades of RAL colors, having an advantage over colored films through the multitude of combinations. Another advantage of this technique is that both the contour and the color are resistant to ultraviolet rays.

The catalog of models can be found here!


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