Glass sheets of various types and thicknesses - two or three;
Made of glass sheets of various types and thicknesses there can be two or three - and spacer rod which may be aluminum or Thermix. It is filled with dehydrating agent (molecular sieve), intended to absorb moisture inside the insulating glass chamber and noble air / gas (argon). The space between the glass sheets may be filled with gas for thermal efficiency.


UV-bonded insulating glass is a structural component with glass sheet offset (on one or more sides) and bonded to the frame with UV resistant silicone.


The structural glass is used for facades that are presented as a continuous structure without frames and profiles, being fixed on a resistant metal frame. It gives buildings an extravagant look, being a new trend in modern architecture, with excellent properties for solar and anti-static control. For structural glass, secondary sealing is done with UV-resistant silicone.


Combinations of insulating glass can be made, we offer optimal solutions and aim to improve the technical characteristics (thermal insulation, solar control, safety and acoustic insulation).
Triplex insulating glass compared to Duplex insulating glass meets high-performance characteristics through improved thermal insulation and acoustic insulation.


Ornamental wand glass included between the glass sheets is an alternative to personalizing your home or office.
The glass with ornamental wand gives a special look due to the variable geometry created as well as the type of wand.
Ornamental wands are available in a wide range of colors and widths.


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